Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Discussion, voting and ethical behavior

The discussion is of interest to members of the Computational Geometry community, whether present or not at this year's (2007) SoCG business meeting in Korea. This forum and the subsequent vote should be open to everybody who is interested. At the least, to everybody who has signed on the compgeom mailing list.

The voting should be conducted on-line, and the voting results should be published. The opinions of the "minorities" (which, some may argue, are just the people who are frustrated with this year's, or last year's rejections) should not be dismissed. The option of an experimental year (or a few years in a row),where the best ideas would be implemented, should be considered.

Ethical standards

Commentaries with offensive or vulgar language will not be published. Normally, postings should be signed. Anonymous, relevant contributions can be accepted, provided all critical arguments are based on verifyable facts.

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